Market Makers

Everstrike Market Maker Program

Access the crypto industry's must lucrative market making program. Eligible market makers not only qualify for rebates and increased API limits/dedicated support, but also receive an interest-free line of credit and a fixed monthly payment.

MM 0

For upcoming market makers and those who are just starting out.
  Zero maker fees
  Increased API rate limits
  Dedicated account manager
  Priority support
  The ability to provide input on new features Everstrike launches

MM 1

For smaller market makers and propshops.
  All the benefits from MM 0
  Negative maker fees (rebates)
  No withdrawal fees
  Fixed monthly payments, scaled according to maker dominance in each market


For bigger propshops and established market makers.
  All the benefits from MM 0 and MM 1
  Interest-free line of credit
  Reduced taker fees
  Fireblocks/Copper integration
  Direct support line to a technical staff member
Frequently Asked Questions

Program FAQ

How are market makers scored?

Market Makers are scored based on a combination of factors:

  • Maker Volume
  • Bid-ask Spread
  • Total Order Size
  • Total Order Duration
  • Number Of Markets Quoted
How do I qualify?

To qualify, you need demonstrable proof of trading volume on Everstrike (or a different exchange). Please fill out this form to start your application.

Note: Those applying for the DMM tier will also need to sign a legal agreement with us. We will provide this once your proof of volume has been verified.

I'm a smaller market maker/hobbyist, do I qualify?

Depending on your 30-day volume, you may be able to qualify for MM 0 or MM 1.

Generally speaking, applicants that cannot provide proof of a 30-day volume of at least 100 BTC (on Everstrike or on a different exchange) will not be able to qualify for MM 0.