In the summer of 2016, Bitmex introduced the first perpetual future. An instrument that would radically transform the way crypto was traded, shifting the majority of the trading volume from spot to futures, and making vanilla futures seem almost redundant.

We believe that a similar innovation is about to take place in 2023 and 2024. This time around, it will be in the options space. Everlasting options will gradually replace their vanilla counterparts, and drive trading volume from futures towards options.

Why? Because derivatives with expiries don't tend to work well when liquidity is as fragmented as it is in crypto. The crypto futures market was simply too small to have dozens of different futures expiries - just like the current crypto options market is too small to have dozens of different expiries and strikes.

  Crypto Doesn't Like Expiries
Futures with expiries were never really popular in crypto. Bitmex tried them originally - but nobody wanted to trade them. In 2016, futures made up a laughingly small part of the overall trading volume in crypto. It was only when Bitmex succesfully implemented and marketed the perpetual future, that futures started becoming popular.
  Crypto Options Are Way Behind Futures
In traditional markets, options are as popular as futures - trading roughly the same numbers annually. This is not the case in crypto. In crypto, options haven't really taken off yet. There are only a handful of platforms offering them, and their volume is vastly overshadowed by perpetual futures. There is a dire need for innovations that can drive the market forward.

Reshaping Crypto Options

At Everstrike, we are radically changing the way people trade options. By shifting trading from vanilla options to everlasting options, we are greatly reducing liquidity fragmentation in the crypto options space, and drastically lowering execution costs for both individual traders and for institutions.

First Platform To Implement Everlasting Options

First Platform To Implement Floating Strike Prices

EVIX (Everlasting Volatility Index) Coming In Q3 2023

EVAR (Everlasting Variance Swap) Coming In 2024

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Fewer Expiries


Fewer Strikes


Higher Capital Efficiency
Our Founder and CEO

The Face of Everstrike


Andrew Borum

Andrew has been a full-time derivatives trader for almost half a decade. Prior to founding Everstrike, he founded Timberdale Trading, a proprietary trading firm specializing in high-frequency market making of crypto futures and options, and grew the firms trading volume from $0 to $1bn on Binance and Deribit.

While Andrew was trading options on Deribit, he stumbled upon the Everlasting Options whitepaper by Dave White. Realizing that this could be the solution to the liqudity fragmentation plaguing the options markets on Deribit, Andrew scaled down the operations at his trading firm, and founded Everstrike. The rest is history.

Careers at Everstrike

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Senior Frontend Engineer

Help expand Everstrike's trading interface, while keeping everything sleek and minimal.

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Customer Support Agent

Attend to issues that our customers are facing, and provide them with valuable, non-robot-like help.

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Digital Marketer

Help us spread the word about everlasting options. Lead our social media campaigns, and drive growth.

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Content Writer

Write engaging and educational content on everlasting options and their unique mechanics.

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UI/UX Designer

Help making everlasting options accessible to the masses through simple and intuitive UI design.

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Financial Engineer

Implement new and exotic derivatives in code. In this position, you are at the forefront of financial innovation.

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